Classic and Contemporary Garden Designs

3D Design

It can be difficult to appreciate exactly what your new garden will look and feel like after installation, just by looking at paper plans, even with the best perspective and elevation drawings.

Therefore, so you can really understand how your finished garden will look like, I can show my garden designs on 3D software. By using this tool I can ensure that every aspect of your garden is perfect prior to finalisation and installation.

Outside Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting can be a crucial aspect of your garden. You may require functional house lights, uplighting along your garden path and outside steps or display lighting set into your mixed borders to really show off your garden to its best.

Whatever lighting you choose, it is vital to that these are positioned to maximum effect. Using the special 3D lighting app, we can work together to locate your lights in the perfect locations. You can then ‘walk around’ your garden under the night sky to make sure you are completely happy with the effect prior to installation.

Your Future Garden

It is also possible to you to check how your new garden will look in different seasons as well as how it will look as the plants gradually grow to maturity over time. Most gardens need to work throughout the year and it is great to have winter and spring flowering shrubs strategically positioned to brighten up your day. Using our software you can see how such plants will look throughout the year.

Unfortunately you can’t experience the delicious fragrance of many of these winter flowering shrubs using the software, but after all, it’s good to have some things left to the imagination!

Drawings and Designing

Of course, before we get to the final 3D display aspect, the time honoured process of working with pencil, paper and drawing board is vital. After the site survey I will draw up your existing plot, showing the house, garden and boundaries, including any plants or hard landscaping that are to be kept. Then comes the creative process, where, using all the information that I have from our discussions and the survey, I consider the best way of designing your future garden. I will usually draw this up to a suitable scale (usually 1:100 or greater) and produce a colour map.

If required I can draw a perspective and/ or elevation drawing (an elevation drawing is a view from the front, rear or side). I can also then transfer the plan onto 3D realtime software to check that it works to your satisfaction. After the plan is finalised I can then take on the overall planting and installation. If required, I can produce a maintenance schedule and potentially take on subsequent high quality maintenance work. I will visit with you again at 6 month intervals for the first year to ensure that all the plants have taken well and to check that all is going well with your new garden.

3D Design


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