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There are many different styles of garden to choose from, although in reality most gardens are made up of a variety of different styles and themes, drawing inspiration and ideas from a wide spectrum. There are many important factors to consider when designing an outdoor space, which are all considered in the garden design phase. However, first and foremost is to decide on your favourite style/s, plants, colours and overall feel of the garden. Below are a few possibilities to consider when getting started…

Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean Garden style, one of my own personal favourites, is now more popular than ever and for good reason. Classically elegant and easy to maintain, this style of garden works in all manner of homes.

Especially effective in Norfolk and Suffolk coastal locations, I am always extremely interested in designing and installing Mediterranean gardens.

Mediterranean Garden at RHS Hyde Hall
English Country Garden at RHS Rosemoor

English Cottage Garden

This delightful garden style has been used in English gardens for hundreds of years. An enthusiastic proponent of the English Cottage Garden, I enjoy the wonderful colour and informal beauty of this timeless garden style.

My own garden is heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and I take great pleasure in designing other people’s gardens in a similar style.

Water Garden

Every garden needs a water feature, indeed this is one of the few features common in gardens throughout the world. From informal, natural looking ponds lined with rocks or logs, to formal water features situated in the centre of a courtyard, a pond or pool is a fantastic addition to any garden.

If you require a garden with a water feature, I can help you to create this important aspect, including fountains, rills or streams.

Water garden at RHS Rosemoor
Tree ferns in a shady garden at RHS Hyde Hall

Shade Garden

Every garden has shady areas, some more than others, however it is important to be able to embrace this situation and transform it into a delightful area in its own right.

Using the concept of ‘right plant, right place’ I can help you to turn that awkward and unloved area into a beautiful and integral part of your garden.

Winter Garden

Gardens shouldn’t just work during the summer, its equally important that they provide beauty and delight throughout the late autumn to early spring days when sunlight and temperature levels are lower.

Winter flowering plants are amongst the most fragrant, and can look stunning on a cold winter’s day. Locating such plants at strategic positions in your garden is vitally important.

The Winter Garden at Cambridge Botanical Gardens
Echinops in a Wildelife garden

Wildlife Garden

In a changing world, it’s important that we all do our bit for the environment. Using plants that are recognised as insect and bird friendly by the RHS, I can create gardens that are both beautiful, fragrant and wildlife friendly.


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