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A garden without wildlife is like a house without windows – lacking a vital component necessary for full enjoyment and contentment. Wildlife gardens can help you can attract beneficial birds and insects into your garden. Planting a full range of trees, shrubs and perennials can provide valuable habitat and nutrition throughout the year.

There is a huge source of valuable and interesting information to assist when choosing plants for your wildlife garden.  Check out this link to The Wildlife Trust for great ideas and advice.

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Aubrieta in a rustic english garden

RW Gardens – Wildflower Meadow

Bluebells and cowslips in a wildflower meadow

Whilst there are so many wildlife friendly plants to choose from, if you remember a few simple rules then you won’t go too far wrong. Try to include one or more trees in your garden, with larger and smaller shrubs to allow for nesting areas and food for birds. Instead of a fence why not grow an attractive (and pollution reducing) native hedgerow? Allow your grass to grow a little longer, especially at the borders to provide sanctuary for frogs and insects, and, of course, include a water feature if possible.

If you want to ensure that any new plants in your garden are wildlife friendly, go to the RHS website and search accordingly (this is an invaluable tool for finding suitable plants for most situations). Failing that, if you contact me, I can design attractive and fragrant wildlife friendly planting schemes to suit any garden.

RW Gardens - wildlife planting

Hoverfly on foxglove

RW Gardens – wildlife planting

Bee on an Echinops

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