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23Dec, 2017

West Somerton – December

As we head into the festive season (but not before 1st week of December, in our house at least) keen gardeners will still be finding plenty to do outside. The first rose pruning can be started now – remove dead, diseased and damaged branches (including branches that are rubbing together), tie in new growth (on climbing roses) and take back long side shoots by two thirds their length. The main aim at this time of year is to tidy up the plant and prevent wind damage...

25Oct, 2017

West Somerton October

There are two types of mistakes made in business; those of action or inaction. The first type involves making a decision that turns out to be (demonstrably) erroneous. A company may decide to buy equipment that is poor quality, hire staff who are underutilised or even acquire a new company that turns out to be weak or a poor fit. The second type of mistake is, conversely, that of inaction ie deciding to do nothing for fear of the consequences (and the risk to the senior...

23Oct, 2017

West Somerton November

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as the old adage has it. Never more true than with gardening, now is the time to enact your plans to make sure you have a wonderful garden next year. From establishing spring flowering bulbs, to planting shrubs and trees, November (especially if quite mild) is a good time to get these jobs done.For tulip fans seeking inspiration for a new variety, I tried various ones last year and intend to add to them this year.The grand ‘Queen of the...





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